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made by Armin Kurtz, editor in chief of Pflügers Archiv – Eur J Physiol:

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Pflügers Arch – Eur J Physiol. Volume 474, issue 8, August 2022 Special Issue: Kidney Control of Homeostasis. Why?

From Pflügers Archive we highlight a thematic collection of papers. These are in a Special Issue entitled “kidney control of homeostasis”. The understanding of body homeostasis is a core element of physiological thinking and research.

With its multiple functions the kidneys play a key role for body homeostasis in several different organs. The articles of the Special Issue, written by experts in their fields, highlight the present stae of knowledge for these different functions of the kidneys in homeostasis.

APSselectThe December 2022 Selections from APS Journals

About 1 of 15 pregnant mothers reported the use of e-cigarette devices throughout their pregnancy. Though clinical data suggest that e-cigarette use does no more harm than a nicotine patch, A recent study in mice finds that exposure to only e-cigarette vapor is harmful since it caused persisting lung dysfunction and structural impairments in the offspring.

Fetuses from obese mothers suffer from an impeded development of intestinal epithelium. This causes disorders in the nutrient absorption and intestine-related immune responses. A mouse study published in AJP – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology shows that daily treadmill exercise is effective in improving fetal intestinal epithelium via an Apelin-AMPK-mitochondrial biogenesis axis.

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The German Physiological Society (DPG) selects regularly a “Paper of the Month“.

DPG’s paper of the month was recently published in Science. In this Science article , an international group of neurophysiologists describe pyramidal cells in which the axon originates from a basal dendrite rather than from the soma. During so called ripple oscillations spiking was found to occur is much more likely in cells in which the axon originated from a basal dendrite rather than from the soma. These cells can “escape” perisomatic inhibition which implies that the recruitment of neurons into active ensembles is determined by axonal morphological features.

The Physiological Society of Japan publishes regularly ” Science Topics” related of a recently published paper.

The latest topic is written by Natsuki Mizutani: Mechanism underlying conversion from an electrical signal to a chemical one in voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP). The publication it refers to is Natsuki Mizutani et al. Interaction between S4 and the phosphatase domain mediates electrochemical coupling in voltage-sensing phosphatase (VSP). PNAS 119(26): e2200364119, 2022.

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