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The Physiological Society of Japan

celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. On this occasion the Journal of Physiology compiled a collection of some of the most influential research published by Japanese authors in this journal. Have a closer look here

Plügers Archiv: a selection:

made by Armin Kurtz, editor in chief of Pflügers Archiv – Eur J Physiol:

Selected Publication:

Pflügers Arch – Eur J Physiol. Volume 474, issue 8, August 2022 Special Issue: Kidney Control of Homeostasis. Why?

From Pflügers Archive we highlight a thematic collection of papers. These are in a Special Issue entitled “kidney control of homeostasis”. The understanding of body homeostasis is a core element of physiological thinking and research.

With its multiple functions the kidneys play a key role for body homeostasis in several different organs. The articles of the Special Issue, written by experts in their fields, highlight the present stae of knowledge for these different functions of the kidneys in homeostasis.

APSselectThe February 2023 Selections from APS Journals

Acute kidney injury which can be induced for example by can be induced by drugs or sepsis reportedly occurs in 8–16% of hospitalized patients. Hallmarks of the disease include mitochondrial and microvasculature dysfunction as well as renal tubular injury. Lasmitidan, a potent agonist for 5-HT 1F receptors used as a migraine drug was shown before to induce mitochondrial biogenesis. In a mouse model of I/R induced acute kidney injury, treatment with this drug induced induced mitochondrial biogenesis and improved vascular integrity offering a new therapeutic perspective.

Long COVID syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, postexertional malaise, dyspnea, cognitive impairment, headache, and musculoskeletal pain. There is some evidence that long COVID or post-COVID-19 syndrome. There is some evidence that exercise could relieve symptom burden through its anti-inflammatory properties and its enhancing effect on the immune system. Results of the RECOVE trial (REhabilitation for post-COVID-19 condition through a supervised Exercise intervention, recently published in the Journal of Applied Physiology demonstrated that an individualized and supervised concurrent training was safe and more effective than self-care recommendations alone, to regain cardiovascular and muscular fitness and to improve symptom severity.

Much more can be found in this month’s selection of articles from APS journals!

The German Physiological Society (DPG) selects regularly a “Paper of the Month“.

DPG’s latest paper of the month was published in Nat Commun. In this study on rodent airways in vitro and in vivo, it was demonstrated that the endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA) induces prominent smooth muscle relaxation. Human and mural epithelial cells werre identified as source of AEA-induced prostaglandin E2 production and cAMP as direct mediator of relaxation. Conversely, reduced levels of endocannabinoid-like compounds in lungs of ovalbumin-sensitized mice indicated a pathophysiological relevance of endocannabinoid signalling in obstructive airway disease.The AEA/FAAH axis as a critical regulator of airway tone could provide a promising therapeutic target for airway relaxation.

The Physiological Society of Japan publishes regularly Science Topics related of a recently published paper.

The latest topic relates to an article published by Ayane Ninomiya et al in PNAS: Long-term depression-inductive stimulation causes long-term potentiation in mouse Purkinje cells with a mutant thyroid hormone receptor. For details click here

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