Many countries around the globe have their own physiological societies. Societies enable physiologists to organise themselves, to speak up nationwide for their discipline, to organise support for young scientists at an early stage of their career, and to organise national and international scientific meetings.

National societies are often members of regional physiological organisations, such as FEPS, FAOPS or ALACF.

More than 60 physiological societies are members of in the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS). Following its mission to promote physiology worldwide (see year of Physiology), IUPS provides this web platform to collect and to provide provide information on physiology, societies, congresses and news.

Under “societies” we aim to publish profiles of IUPS member societies and inform about important anniversaries which reflect their often long standing history and are often occasions for special events like special congresses. We begin this series with a profile of the Physiological Society of Japan which celebrates its 100th anniversary with a congress in 2023.