PSJ celebrated its 100th anniversary

The Physiological Society of Japan (PSJ) recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and held the 100th Anniversary Annual Meeting (President of the meeting: Prof Tadashi Isa) in Kyoto. The theme of the meeting was ”Homeostasis for sustainability -Toward the next century of physiological sciences-”,with a a big congress in Kyoto, which was part of the Year of Physiology .

There were more than 2,200 registered participants, and the total number of presentation abstracts was over 1,100. There were more than 60 symposiums and 9 lectures including those by two Nobel laureates (Profs. Svante Pääbo and Shinya Yamanaka). Sessions for undergraduate students and for high school students were also held.

PSJ not only looked back over the 100-year history of physiology in Japan but also presented programs that looked forward to the next 100 years anticipating future topics in physiological research.

Congratulations to the Physiological Society of Japan (PSJ)!